Confidence tips to help you stop comparing yourself to others

Confidence Tips: How To Stop The Comparison Game

When I wrote my post about blogging tips a couple weeks ago, one important theme stood out in all of the answers I received: don’t fall into the comparison trap. This is great advice for everyone (not just bloggers), and is 100% guaranteed to make you happier. The problem is that this is SO HARD to actually put into practice….

Spring Trends 2017 + What to buy at the Shopbop sale

Spring Trends I’m Actually Totally On Board With + SALE ALERT

You guys know I’m not usually big on trends. But every now and then a few pop up that make me think, “yeah, I could totally get on board with that.” So, I thought I would share a few of my favorite 2017 spring trends with you today but first, SALE ALERT! Shopbop is having a huge 3 day sale…

Affordable spring dresses under $100 - shop this floral dress by ASTR and other must-have styles for spring! Spring Outfit Ideas || Spring Sundresses || Cute Dresses|| Affordable Spring Outfits

25 Must-Have Spring Dresses Under $100

    All this nice spring weather has me thinking about spring shopping, and more specifically affordable spring dresses. I don’t know about you, but when the weather gets warmer all I want to do is wear pretty sundresses. Unfortunately, I’ve got the classic case of champagne tastes, which means I often find myself investing in high-quality basics, but what about…

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