Meet Lacey

Lacey Spruce of My Boring Closet

We all have to wear clothes. It’s just a fact of life. Like it or not, the way you dress says a lot about your personality. This blog is where I explore my personal style, and hopefully give you some ideas for how you want to express yourself. Having great style has nothing to do with what’s trendy, it’s not for the young and beautiful, the wealthy or celebrities, style is for everyone because, like I said, everyone has to wear clothes. So, that’s what this blog is about–showing who YOU are!

And who am I? I’m Lacey. I am a marketing professional living in Denver, CO. I love theater/arts, health/fitness,┬áNetflix, exploring, adventures, writing, champagne, my dog Layla, Instagram and Pinterest, and obviously shopping.

I hope you enjoy my site! Please feel free to say hey on Instagram or Twitter @MyBoringCloset or on Facebook! I love making new friends ­čÖé

xo, Lacey

FULL DISCLOSURE: I will always specify if an item has been given to me as a gift from a company by using the term “gifted” or “c/o.” I never accept or write about anything that I do not personally vouch for, so all opinions expressed are my own. Additionally, I sometimes use affiliate links on this site, which means if you click on the link and make a purchase, I make a small commission. Thank you for supporting my blog and helping me make it better and better!