Why My Career As An Influencer Is Coming To An End

UPDATE: I’m overwhelmed by the love and support I have received since hitting publish on this post. Thank you for every single comment, message, email, and text. I have loved and cherished each and every one. Warms my heart to know I have connected with so many of you. Thank you thank you thank you!

I started this blog in July 2012 for a few reasons. I was always an avid blog reader, loved writing, liked the idea of running a business by myself, and also I wanted to work on my self esteem and self acceptance through taking pictures of myself.

Over the years, the blogging landscape has changed, and everyone wants a slice of the influencer pie. Why wouldn’t you? Get a few thousand followers, start charging brands, and boom! You’ve got yourself a sweet little side hustle where all you have to do is post on Instagram, right?

As it turns out, there’s a tipping point when it comes to posting pictures of yourself online. It starts as a confidence boost, overcoming fears, learning to put yourself out there, then slowly over time it becomes some demented shrine to a life that isn’t real.

Am I wrong?

If social media is everyone’s highlight reel, then the social media of a blogger is that times a million. It’s a fake, made-up life designed to “inspire” people, but does it actually achieve that goal?

How many times have I been on vacation or out with my loved ones and instead of cherishing the moment, I was more worried about finding the perfect shot to post on Instagram? Gross.

And for what?

So strangers on the internet will like me? So I get more followers and more money?

It’s time for a reality check and here it is. My blog is no longer about me. It’s about a version of me that I’m not terribly psyched about. I’m tired of feeling pressure to keep up with everyone else – to publish more shitty content and to try to get more attention.

My blog didn’t start out that way, but that’s definitely what it has become.

I have made huge mistakes and sacrifices in my personal life to keep this blog going and I’m having a hard time figuring out why. I can no longer justify it. It makes no sense.

I think fashion and style can be very empowering. Finding your personal style can give you confidence and make you feel like your best self, but does that mean you need to go into debt to have the biggest closet on earth? That you need to convert your entire second bedroom into a massive closet with two walls full of shoes you barely wear? Absolutely not.

And that’s where this has gotten derailed. I’m no longer helping anyone or genuinely inspiring them, only contributing to greed and consumerism and the fake Instagram life, and for me that is over.

Does this mean I’m shutting down My Boring Closet? Yes, but not forever. This place on the internet no longer serves me or you. Perhaps someday I will create a new blog and write about things that matter, but for now this blog must evolve or shut down.

Thank you for being my internet friend and encouraging me along the way. I hope we can reconnect again.

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17 thoughts on “Why My Career As An Influencer Is Coming To An End

  1. Jude

    Good Morning, I am sorry to see you close down your blogging site. I rather looked forward to getting your emails once a week. However, I do understand your reasoning. I wish you much success in whichever road your choose because I believe that you will make it a grand one.


  2. Holly Thomas

    You made the right decision, looking at photos on Instagram is supposed to make you happy not miserable that you weren’t able to live in the moment, I wish more bloggers were as honest as you. Go live your life in happiness.

  3. Nikki Kemp

    I am so proud of you Lacey. Continue to stay true to yourself and do what makes your heart happy! Your family and friends will always love and support you. Xo

  4. Shannon W

    What a honest, well spoken and thoughtful post. I applaud you for being true to yourself and doing what’s best for your future happiness. I quit my blog a few years ago for the exact reasons you stated here. I wish you all the happiness in the world and best of luck to you in all your future ventures.

  5. Teneika Carlisle

    I am so proud of you, but sad to see you go. Reading your blog once a week was a nice reprieve from my hectic life, and not to mention the fact I love everything fashion. I too have way too many things that take up space in my closet and never get worn. I have started donating gently worn clothes and shoes to the goodwill. Oh well…there are worse vices than shopping. I will keep my shopping. :-0 I wish you well in whatever you decide to do. Thank you, for always being real and honest. The world needs more people like you!! Keep on shining and never let anyone take your sunshine! Good luck!!

  6. Victoria Fox-Collis

    Love how honest you are. And I 100% understand your reasoning. I like the real you lady!! And I’ve enjoyed getting to know you in person over the last couple of years. Let’s grab a drink sometime, it’d be great to get to know you better <3

  7. Monica Salafia

    You’re a strong writer and I see you turning the page on this blog to begin something bigger and better!

    Will still love seeing you around the city at the things that brought us together in the first place-fitness classes & good eats in Denver!

  8. Christy Peeples DuBois

    I hate to see you(your blog) go but I do understand. I wish you much success in your life and stay true to what is you. If you ever want to blog just because you want to and for you I bet you will have a Lo of followers for genuine content. I pray you have the best this life has to offer and if you keep your head and heart in line like you are doing you will get that life.

  9. Gabrielle

    It’s clear that the world of social media is becoming more and more inauthentic with each passing day and I respect your decision to opt out and live your life rather than curate it. I wish you well and I applaud you for your integrity.

  10. lisa

    I think everyone who has followed your blog will miss your beautiful pictures but most of all the beautiful messages you brought with it. I think today blogging isn’t as special as it was when you first started, now everyone is blogging and its the same old thing. And that is the reason you will be missed because your blog was the real you, the honest you and you let us go through tough times with you. So for me your blog of any I have ever read had a message and it allowed your followers to be inspired and to gain insight into love and life. Thanks for that,

  11. the cape on the corner

    thank you for your frank assessment of the state of blogs. i agree. i myself have stopped blogging b/c it got out of control. everything is about buying this and looking like that. it’s not genuine anymore, it’s not about sharing or even community. i read a blog recently where the girl said something like “i know it’s my job to make you want to buy this shirt…” no. no, that’s not the job of a blogger, in my opinion. your job is to inspire to try something i wouldn’t normally do, to open my mind creatively to a combo i wouldn’t try, but NOT to get me to buy something. thank you for recognizing the need to pull back. i hope you are able to be more present in your daily life and enjoy.

  12. Liz

    Thank you, thank you for writing this. I’ve been cooking up a post in my drafts along these lines for weeks now. It’s so hard to not be influenced by “the influencers”, the crowd of (mostly) women who seem to have a different outfit every.single.day. And I don’t want to become that. It’s hard to love style and the form of self-expression it fosters and not get sucked in to the “OMG gotta have it!”-ness of the fashion blogger world, which is certainly not why I started my blog years ago either. I don’t know if it’ll mean quitting blogging or not, but I applaud your honesty and candor. Enough is enough, and thank you for making a statement and taking a stand.


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