Ultracor Leggings Review: Are They Worth The Price Tag?

Are Ultracor leggings worth the hefty price tag? Read my review to find out!


Back in the spring, I read an article about these $200 yoga pants that had a 500 person waitlist to purchase them. Of course, I thought to myself, “who the hell is spending $200 on yoga pants?!”

But also – wait really? What makes these pants so special that people are willing to shell out two hundo for them? For that amount of money they better make me look like a freaking super model!

Recently, I got to try out Ultracor at Garbarini here in Denver, so I thought I would share my full review with you in case you were curious about these magic workout pants too!

First impression.

These leggings are cute af. The star print was the first one that people were going bananas over. I personally love that they’re fun and different and are something I would enjoy wearing around town and in the studio for workouts. They use laser cutting for precise cut out designs and I really love this ombre pair. Gorgeous!

They’re also incredibly soft. Well, the star print knockout leggings aren’t quite as soft as the silk ones, but they both have the kind of material where you would feel compelled to walk up to random people and say “omg you have to feel my pants – they’re so soft!”


For $200 you would expect these leggings to be incredible in terms of quality, and they definitely are!I had no problem moving in these. They didn’t ride down, they have a ton of compression, which I love, and they are definitely functional for all forms of workouts including high intensity.

Special features.

The weird thing is, Ultracor leggings have built in underwear in them, and actually it’s completely genius! It’s part of their anti-camel toe technology (lol that that is a real thing) and it really works!! Literally ZERO camel toe. The underwear feels weird at first and I kept looking to see if I had panty lines, but nothing – just smooth as can be!

Are Ultracor leggings worth the hefty price tag? Read my review to find out!

Ali in the floral print, Abby in the stars, and me in the laser cut style. Photos by Jenna Sparks. All styles available at Garbarini.

Final verdict.

Are Ultracor leggings worth the price? YES. I hate to say it, but YES! I am all about investing in quality pieces you will wear a lot, and these are the kind of leggings you’ll wear a LOT. The only barrier to that is the fact that the prints are so bold, but when your booty looks that amazing in a pair of pants, I don’t think you’ll care so much if people say “omg you wear those pants all the time…” They’re just jealous of your jelly, you know?

Any other questions about these leggings? Feel free to leave a comment or contact me on Instagram!

xo Lacey


17 thoughts on “Ultracor Leggings Review: Are They Worth The Price Tag?

  1. Sarah

    I hv a the pink w silver stars. The placement of the stars on each tush could hv been rethought …..and yeah the underwear thingy liner- I must look to see if there are lines a million times when wearing ?But they are ??

  2. Chris

    This is where following a bunch of bloggers like I do can really get on my nerves, but…

    If you can afford $200 leggings or Jimmy Choo’s or heading off to NYC for NYFE, I can’t say anything but “go for it”! I on the other hand, will continue to look askance at leggings costing more than $75 and wait for the clearance sale.

    1. Lacey | My Boring Closet Post author

      Totally! I mean, to each his own. It’s just my job to review and provide the info 🙂 I certainly have plenty of leggings that come in at a lower price point and have reviewed those on here too. Thank you for sharing, Chris!

  3. Megan

    Hmm very interesting to me! I’ve never heard of these but absolutely believe in investing in quality pieces. Def have to check them out!

    Xo megan

  4. JOhanna

    These leggings are SO cute. I am all for spending the money if working out is part of your lifestyle and you wear these out and about.. I am all for it. I spend $128 on lulu leggings cause they stay up and are my fave. No shame there!!


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