What’s In My Shopping Cart? Week of April 21

What's in my shopping cart? Here are the top items I'm eyeing right now for spring 2017!

Today I’m starting a new series where I share with you what items are in my virtual shopping cart. I don’t know about you, but I have this habit of online shopping and putting everything in my cart, then closing out all the windows and not buying anything. Anyone else??

So, here are all the things I’m currently eyeing for my closet, home, and for travel!

Schutz Elke Slides

Spring 2017 favorites - schutz elke slides

I’m loving mules and slides for spring and summer. I can already hear Patrick telling me how man repellent these shoes are, but I couldn’t care less! I love this hot pink pair from Schutz. Perfectly feminine but still a little edgy. I dig it.

Jack by BB Dakota Oregano Top

Spring 2017 favorites - perfect off the shoulder lace top that's under $70!

It’s no secret that off the shoulder tops are the the new “it” thing for spring and summer. I ain’t mad about it! This top also comes in white, and you can wear it with the little straps or tuck them in so it’s all off the shoulder. I love the sheer lace detailing on this one!

Sam Edelman Chiara Top Handle Satchel

Spring 2017 favorites - this white satchel by Sam Edelman is a must for your spring wardrobe!

You can’t tell for sure just by looking at the picture online, but based on what I can tell and what I know about the quality of Sam Edelman bags, this satchel looks a lot more expensive than it really is. Isn’t that the best? I love that it isn’t really obvious what brand this bag is when you look at it, but it’s very cute and I like that it comes in white. It’s only $150, which is a great deal for a bag like this!

Mermaid Shell Pool Float

Spring 2017 favorites: mermaid shell pool float - a must have accessory if you're planning a bachelorette party or headed to yacht week!

Is this not the most extra thing you’ve ever seen?? If you’re planning a bachelorette party for a friend of yours and you don’t buy this pool float for her to recreate this pic for Instagram on, then you’re a bad friend. (I mean, she’ll forgive you, but still…) I also love this shell float, and pretty much all of these (oh yes, there’s an avocado one too!)

Modern Wood Leg Standing Planter

Spring 2017 favorites - I'm currently shopping for new plant stands for my house, and I love the mid-century vibe of these cylinders from West Elm!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Pinterest, then you know I have had a growing obsession with house plants. I have this corner in my living room that would look great with a big plant, but I don’t think a big plant is feasible. Instead, I’ve been looking for plant stands like these, so I can create the illusion of a big lush jungle in the corner of my Denver townhome 😉

Concrete Candles

Spring 2017 favorites - unique concrete candles

I love candles, and burn through them pretty quickly, so I’m always looking for new ones to try. I really like how unique these candles are, and you could easily re-use the container once it burned out!

Hanging Planters

Spring 2017 favorites - these hanging planters would be the perfect accent in your kitchen or office!

Continuing with my newfound #plantlove, these hanging planters are so cute!! I want to hang like 100 plants in our kitchen, but I think I could start with 2…

Honeymoon Hotel Rapper’s Delight Art Print

spring 2017 favorites - Honeymoon Hotel Rapper's Delight Art Print

Have you noticed how much I love Urban Outfitters for home decor yet?? How fun is this print?? I kinda want something like this for the guest room.

Glyder Apparel Sports Bras

I saw this brand at a local fitness studio, and I am in love! I have two tops from here that are really cute. I love the styles, and the price point isn’t bad compared to other luxury brands. The crop top on the left has the cutest asymmetrical bottom, I love the mesh on the 2nd one, and the last one has a fun strappy back that would also be fun to wear to a music festival or under a backless top!

Faithfull The Brand

I’m pretty much loving everything from Faithfull the Brand right now. They have a lot of fun pieces for vacations, tops for festival fashion, matching sets, jumpsuits – definitely beachy California/Australia vibes!

Free People Tropic Babe Set

Summer 2017 favorites - this two piece set is perfect for a festival or vacation this summer

I love this set. That’s all I gotta say.

Lace Up Wedge Espadrille Sandals

Spring 2017 favorites - Lace Up Wedge Espadrille Sandals

Target does it again, guys! These wedges are only 30 bucks and are a summer staple!

Joie Park Skinny Utility Cargo Pants

Spring 2017 favorites: Joie Park Skinny Utility Cargo Pants

I always find myself looking for cool pants that aren’t jeans and aren’t leggings. I think these might be perfect! They also come in white if you’re feeling that.

Lost in Lunar Calypso Tie Pant

Lost in Lunar Calypso Tie Pant

I have not been successful in finding white pants that look good on me. Is it my athletic legs? My booty? No idea. But, I might be willing to give these a try and see if they work. I really love the side tie detail and according to the description they’re pretty stretchy, which might be great for me!

Ok, now it’s your turn! What’s in your shopping cart?? Or, which of these are you adding to yours? Let me know in the comments!

xo Lacey

12 thoughts on “What’s In My Shopping Cart? Week of April 21

  1. Jessica

    Hi Lacey, I love the roundup of your shopping cart! What a great idea for a post and these items are perfect for spring and summer! My favorites are the last white denim option 🙂

  2. Laura

    Ok, that mermaid pool float is too cute! I have those wedges and I love them. Definitely worth getting for only $30! And that set by free people, I’ve been eyeing as well.
    xo, Laura


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