24 Blogging Tips For Beginners: Bloggers Share Their Best Advice

24 blogging tips for beginners: Have you ever wanted to start a blog but your'e not sure where to start? 24 top fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers are sharing their number one tip for beginner bloggers. Check out the full post to learn more!

One of the questions I get the most is, “What advice do you have for a new blogger?” The truth is, I have SO much advice, it would take me days to get through it all! So, as part of my “Bloggers Overshare” series, I thought I would ask some of my favorite bloggers what advice they have to try to get a few different perspectives.

For today’s post, I asked, “What is one piece of advice you would give someone who wants to start a blog?” Almost everyone agrees on a few things: be original, be true to yourself, and don’t be afraid to jump in and start! Read on to get more great blogging tips.

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Blogging Tips For Beginners

Mallory, Sweet & Sauer: There’s a ton of advice out there, and the answer to this question can be so repetitive, but my advice would be to get organized. I mean that in every sense – from your Instagram filter, down to how you organize photos on your computer. I find that when I’m not organized with my collaborations or photos or emails, I get behind and frazzled. Get a game-plan together before you get started. I figured this out much later than I would have liked.



Hillary, Style in a Small Town: Be patient – some people think that they can say I’m going to start a blog and voila, they have thousands of followers and page views. It doesn’t work that way, it takes a LOT of patience.



Carolina, CHIC TALK: I would tell them before they get started they really need to think about the brand they want to create, it’s very important to have that clear, so the content they create is cohesive, and relevant! After that’s figured out, it’s all about having fun, and staying consistent.



Kari, Sophisticated Whimsy: Do it for the right reasons and do your research! There certainly is a learning curve that comes along with creating an online space, but before you reach out for help to another blogger or influencer, watch tutorials online and Google any questions that come up. It’s so much more rewarding when you create the space on your own and have a sense of empowerment. We’ve all been there, but you truly learn as you go! I’m still learning new things every single day about my site.



Katie, Pearls & Twirls: Be yourself! If you’re starting a blog to share more about you, your life, style, etc. BE YOU and don’t worry about everyone else!




Hoang-Kim, Color & Chic: Keep at it. Everything takes patience, so sticking with it during the rough times is so important. I hit a rut where I felt like I wasn’t growing, but I kept with it and now I’m at more than 32k followers!




Lacey, The Glitter Gospel: Be consistent! I’ve had periods of time that I’ve taken breaks and it definitely hurts your blog. Post consistently and just be patient. It takes time. Don’t let the comparison trap get you down!



Shelbi, It’s All Chic to Me: Quality over quantity. If you can only produce one great blog post a week, or even a month, then do it! People will tell you that you need to post XX amount of times a week to be successful but that is not true. My brand suffered at the beginning because I would just hurry to put up a post. Now I only post when I have something I am truly happy with when I hit publish.


Sushmitha, Miss Minus Sized: To not make the rookie mistake of comparing their content or growth with anyone else! It’s so easy to get discouraged and give up, especially with social media reflecting the highlight reels of our lives, which can be so misleading. Comparison is truly the thief of joy, so keep your head down, focus and you do you!



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Jessica, My Style Vita: If someone is really die hard wanting to start a blog I’d say go for it and be sure to create a great brand, niche and content from the get go. But if you just think this is all fun and games and free stuff, don’t even bother. Being a blogger is a ton of work when done correctly. Plus, the market is insanely saturated and it’s becoming harder to grow and set yourself a part from the rest of the blog world.


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Brittani, By Brittani Lauren: I would tell them to do their research and be true to who they are! I’ve seen so many people who just try to copy what works for other successful bloggers in the hopes it will bring them the same success, but that’s not the case. You have to be authentic to who you are or your blog will suffer. Readers and followers can tell when you aren’t being you.


Channing, Blue Mountain Belle: I read this one a lot but only took it to heart in the last year or so. Decide how seriously you are going to take blogging. When I first started blogging it was for my own personal enjoyment and was totally okay with lower stats, not being asked for sponsorships, etc. Totally okay! Because my goal was to have a pressure-free creative outlet. A few years ago that totally changed – I wanted to take Blue Mountain Belle to the next level and that only happens when you treat your blog as a business. Creating an LLC, figuring out taxes, dedicating time, money and energy to growing it on top of your other life pursuits. Realizing it will become another full time job and fulling committing to that. I still think either answer is fine, but if you are wanting to blog full time or make some sort of livable income you need to treat it as a business from Day 1. Blogging is a HUGE time commitment that I don’t think people realize, but if you know from Day 1 this is a business you better set yourself up for that commitment.


Karlie, Karlie Rae: Be yourself & get connected. One – it’s okay to get inspiration from other bloggers, I am inspired by other people daily. But you need to put your own twist on things, do something different than EXACTLY what they did to set yourself apart and make readers want to keep coming to your page for unique content. Two – mingle mingle mingle! Join blogger groups, make friends with local bloggers in your community. The best part about this industry is all the amazing people and talent in it! Half of the fun of blogging isn’t behind the computer, it’s relationships blooming and memories being made in real life! Also don’t view other bloggers as competition, the more you stand together and help each other out, the more successful everyone becomes.


SJ, FASHinNY: To do it! If you want to start something go for it- when I started I figured even if I get one reader I will be happy and the best thing I did was to stick with it and keep going. There are so many external factors that can get in your way – comparing yourself to others, being your biggest critique etc. but I say do it and be proud!!



Meghan, I’m Fixin’ To: It looks glamorous and easy on Instagram, Pinterest, and on our blogs, but man is it tough at times. Stay true to your ideas, values, and post what you want, not what you think will get you the most likes. Your voice is the most important part. And, it may not be an easy road to get to where you’d like, but stick with it! But just remember, it’s a lot of work. I come home from my full time job, and I blog until bed time.


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Leah, Eat Pray Wear Love: That’s hard. SO many things come to mind!! I guess the easiest thing to try to explain, is that engaging with other bloggers/followers is PARAMOUNT in growing your blog. Visit people’s blogs/Instagram feeds that visit yours, and show them the love they show you!


Bethanie, The Garcia Diaries: Any time someone emails or messages me with advice on starting a blog, I say the same thing… Blogging is hard work. It takes so much time and money and energy before you ever see any ROI. Don’t start a blog for the free stuff or to make money, because you’ll lose interest in less than a month. If you’re serious about blogging, do NOT give up!!!!



Kelsey, Blondes & Bagels: Do it for the right reasons. A lot of people ask me about starting a blog because they picture themselves getting a lot of free stuff and working with big brands. Blogging takes a crazy amount of hours and a ton of work. If you’re only in it for the free stuff – you’ll be sorely disappointed! Blog because you love creating content and the rest will fall into place!




Heather, My Life Well Loved: Be consistent! So many people start a blog and write every day for a week and then you don’t hear from them for 2 weeks and then they’re back with another post. Choose how many posts you’ll do per week and schedule them out!



Cathy, Poor Little It Girl: Oh gosh, just one?! Hmm…I’d have to say don’t cheat. I know it’s hard to compare yourself to others and it’s tempting to want to pay for likes/followers/comments on social platforms and such, but be authentic. Stay true to your self and your brand. It’s worth it in the end, I promise.



Nicholle, Topknots and Pearls: Make sure you have an undying passion for it! If you want to start a blog to make money, you are in the wrong line of work. Blogging is an outlet for a passion!





Sarah, Sassy Red LipstickBe prepared to work all hours of the day… and night!





Sher, Sher She Goes: To just do it! I hesitated for so long and spent weeks and weeks trying to get the design to look “perfect” before launching. You learn things as you go and I’m still discovering new tools and things to work on 5 years later!




Jaime, The Real Fashionista: Stay consistent and true to yourself. It’s so easy to get caught up in the competition because there is so much of it. When you get down, don’t look at anyone’s pages for a few days and just focus on YOU!!


Do you have a great tip to add? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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