Cozy Cold Weather Winter Outfit

Cute and cozy cold weather outfit for snowy days Cute and cozy cold weather outfit for snowy days

Cute and cozy cold weather outfit for snowy daysCute and cozy cold weather outfit for snowy days Cute and cozy cold weather outfit for snowy days  Cute and cozy cold weather outfit for snowy days

Happy new year, everyone! I went from one extreme to the other this weekend. Left the beaches of Mexico on Friday then headed straight up to the snowy Colorado mountains on Saturday. The trip was so wonderful and it was so awesome to be at the beach for Christmas, but it’s been really nice up here in the mountains too. If you follow me on Snapchat or Instastories, you got a peek of our snow hiking excursion today! It was such a great way to welcome the new year and get a little exercise. Plus, it was absolutely gorgeous!

I shot this outfit before I left for my trip, but these shoes are actually what I wore today for hiking! They’re surprisingly warm considering they are only $50. Perfect for trekking out in the snow today. I was so pleasantly surprised to see that Payless has a pretty great selection of winter boots. Nice to have some good quality affordable options! I also got this beanie, which is only $7 and I’ve been wearing it non-stop! Comes in 4 other colors so you can definitely stock up!

I used to seriously despise functional winter gear. For reals. Now that I’ve been living in Colorado for 4 years, I’ve actually embraced winter styling and have had so much fun trying new brands and types of clothes I never would have chose before. For example, I never would have dreamed of styling snow boots for a regular casual look, but I love that my feet stay dry and warm no matter what the weather is – a total must when the snow starts to melt!

Did you guys have a nice holiday? I’ve been enjoying every moment of it and relaxing with family and friends and it has been so restorative. But, now that the new year is here, I’m so excited to get to work and get good things going for the year to come. Thanks for stopping by and reading!

xo Lacey

*This post is sponsored by Payless ShoeSource. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Kelsey

    Hey girl! What size did you get in the lace-up sweater? I actually was about to get it at Target today but I got a bathing suit instead…..haha


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