Styling Tips for Couples Shoots

Styling tips for couples - make sure your photoshoot looks natural and not awkward or posed with these tipsFaux leather skirt and OTS black top

Styling tips for couples - make sure your photoshoot looks natural and not awkward or posed with these tipsLong white blazer and faux leather mini skirt

Styling tips for couples - make sure your photoshoot looks natural and not awkward or posed with these tipsBlack halter OTS cold shoulder top and faux leather skirt   Styling tips for couples - make sure your photoshoot looks natural and not awkward or posed with these tips

‘Tis the season for holiday cards, engagement shoots, and photo opps for you and your babe! Does the thought of a couples shoot make you instantly think of that Friends episode where Chandler can’t take a good picture? Well, you’re not alone! Although the idea of a couples photoshoot can seem very awkward, if done right, the pictures are absolutely worth it! So, here are a few tips to help you and your boo thang take photos that you’ll be proud to share on Facebook. (and help you avoid ending up on any of these lists)

Don’t overthink your outfit.

Yes, you want to look good in your shoot, but you also want to look like you! Patrick’s style is what I would describe as casual preppy, and he almost always wears jeans. So, of course he’s wearing jeans for these photos because that’s SO him! It would look silly if he all of a sudden tried out some slacks or a suit or something he didn’t feel comfortable in. Plus, he would have felt very uncomfortable. (Which leads me to my next tip)

Pick a location in which you are comfortable.

Do you have a favorite coffee shop? Maybe you like to walk in a certain park in the evenings? Whatever is your comfort zone, pick a location where you feel like you would normally hang out. A lot of people feel so weird the second a camera is pointed at them, so try your best to make everything else feel comfortable and normal. We chose Union Station in Denver, CO for these photos because it was decorated for the holidays, but it’s also a place we love to hang out!

Don’t try to stage weird poses.

If you wouldn’t ever comfortably stand in a prom pose in the middle of a train station, don’t do it for your shoot. You’ll end up looking as awkward as you feel. In fact, you don’t have to do any of the odd poses you see on Pinterest AT ALL! Most of this shoot, we were just talking normally and allowed our photographer to make suggestions from there. Your goal is to look like yourselves, so try not to overthink it!

Hire a badass photographer who gets your vibe.

I was so excited to work with Rachel Liane Photography on this shoot because I really wanted it to be fun and editorial, and after meeting with her beforehand, I learned that that’s exactly what she likes to do too! Many photographers are happy to have a phone call or meet with you before to discuss your goals for the photoshoot. Check out their website and Instagram page and make sure you like their work. Then, contact them to make sure you’re on the same page. Don’t be afraid to provide examples as well. Once you’ve decided who you want to hire, allow them to do their job. Give them freedom to make suggestions and let them edit the photos in their style. I know it may be hard to give up control like that, but remember, the photographer is an artist and a professional at what they do. My motto is always to hire someone amazing, then get out of their way and let them do their job.

Work with a stylist.

One of my favorite parts about this shoot was working with Aaron from Blank Canvas Fashion. I don’t know a lot about men’s styling, and I wanted Patrick to feel comfortable in this shoot but I also wanted him to feel special. So, I asked Aaron for his help in styling him. We discussed Patrick’s style and what he likes to wear, then Aaron worked his magic and found some amazing pieces that Patrick loved. I chose my outfit so it was in the same color family as his (without being matchy matchy), and we both felt great in what we were wearing! Plus, it was nice to have Aaron there to catch any tags sticking out or any weird wrinkles or anything like that.

The bottom line is, be yourselves and try not to let the camera throw you off. The more you can just focus on being you, the better you will feel!

xo Lacey

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