Holiday Decor Ideas: Unique Festive Gifts for the Home

So, it snowed for the first time of the season today in Denver, and I’m already like “when can we get out the Christmas decor??” Patrick thinks I’m crazy, but I love having festive decor in the home for as long as possible. I have always loved Christmastime, and now that I have a little more space of my own to decorate, I am all about it! So, I rounded up some of my favorite holiday decor ideas and a few fun gifts in today’s post. Just click on an image below to shop!

I think the Christmas tree tapestry, the doughnut ornaments, and the cozy fur throw are my favorites for decorating this year. For gifts, I love giving ornaments, and the wine glass ornament is just perfect for my bestie who has a Christmas birthday!

Also, did you happen to see my Instagram post over the weekend? I get so happy every time I come home to this cute doormat!

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Holiday Decor Ideas for Christmas 2016

One thought on “Holiday Decor Ideas: Unique Festive Gifts for the Home

  1. Casey

    I love wrapping paper, and the dots are particularly cute! And yes, the song IS creepy. I don’t know if the pillow is cute enough to get past that.


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