Five Tips For Organizing Your Closet

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It’s been almost two months since my boyfriend and I moved into a new place together, and we are finally just about done with our home projects (for now). Before we moved in, we knew the closet was going to be an issue because, well, I’m a fashion blogger and I have way too many clothes and shoes…and purses and hats, etc. We knew it was one of the first things that had to be addressed if we wanted to live together harmoniously. So, before we even moved into the space, I took some photos of the closet and immediately decided that I needed some professional help. I just really can’t look at a space like that and visualize what it will look like when finished.

Thankfully, I discovered Marissa from Create Space Organizing. I sent her an email and asked her if she would be interested in giving me some closet advice, we met for coffee, and she explained to me that I wasn’t alone in my struggle. In fact, co-habitating brings up a lot of issues for couples, but the closet is a very common one. Glad to hear I wasn’t alone! We set up an appointment, and she came over and we got to work on the closet.

First of all, let me say that if you are even thinking right now about your disorganized closet, and it is stressing you out, call up Marissa or someone in your town immediately and get their help. It will be worth every single penny and then some. One of Marissa’s services is a closet consultation, where she will go through your entire closet piece by piece and help you get rid of things you don’t need and pare everything down to a wardrobe that you love. I highly recommend this at any time, but if you’re about to move, do it before you pack a single thing. The great thing about hiring a professional is that they have no emotional attachment to your stuff. So it’s a lot easier to part with that crop top you bought back in high school that you wore on a date with that cute guy from your English lit class, you know?

So, back to my consultation. Marissa came over and immediately started rearranging mine and Patrick’s clothes. She stressed the importance of having an organized system so you can immediately find what you’re looking for. We arranged my closet by item (e.g. dresses) and then broke those down into smaller categories (e.g. sleeve length). She also was sure to turn all the hangers the same way and button the top button on all of the shirts, and honestly these little details make all the difference in the world.

Next, we talked shoe solutions. She pulled out her laptop and showed me the exact items from The Container Store that she recommended and (yay) they were on sale! If you don’t want to shop on your own, by the way, she will happily get the supplies for you! The personalized experience you get with a professional organizer is so invaluable, I can’t stress that enough!

For hats and bags, she recommended command hooks since we have weirdly tall ceilings in the closet. We were able to maximize the vertical space, plus the hooks with hats on them are actually really cool decoration. Such a great idea that I never would have thought of on my own!

She even followed up to see how those storage items helped. I took all of her suggestions, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. And Patrick is of course happy that our whole room isn’t dominated by my shoe collection.

So, for all of you who may be moving soon, I asked Marissa for her top tips for setting up a new closet, and here is what she said:

1. Purge.

Moving is a great chance to take stock of what you own and clean out anything that you aren’t wearing. Why bother packing up and transporting clothes and accessories that aren’t your favorites anyway? Before you move, go through everything. Eliminate anything that you haven’t worn in the last two years. This is also a great time to check condition of things, and repair anything that needs attention and take items to the dry cleaners.

2. Make a plan.

In your new space, before you start just piling in boxes and hangers, make a game plan for your closet. Start by thinking in terms of accessibility. You’ll want the items that you need to access most frequently within easy reach, whereas items you only use a few times a year can be stored toward the back or up higher. Label shelves or make a sketch of what will go where so you can refer to this map as you start to unpack.

3. Group Like with Like.

Group all your items together as you start to unpack. For example, get all of your coats together, all of your dresses together, etc. and hang them in categories. I also suggest to hang by fabric weight within one category, so hang heavier things toward the back of the section and lighter things toward the front.This also helps for you to see how much you have of each item so you can allow the appropriate space for each category.

4. Containerize.

Once you can see what you have and what is fitting in your closet, you can now decide if you need to purchase any additional storage items. If you need to hang an extra rod, if you need to buy some bins for the shelves, and if you need a shoe rack. This is also a good time to think about differentiating, if you share your closet with a spouse or partner. Buy bins in two different colors, or even consider two different colors of hangers. That way it is clear which items are yours and which items are your partners. Make sure to measure before you go to the Container Store or wherever you like to buy your storage items. That way you’ll know exactly what you’ll need when you get there.

5. Make it your own.

Once your closet is neat and tidy and everything is unpacked, make the closet your own! Hang a few pictures, use sticky hooks to make a display of your hats, or put in some sachets so it smells wonderful each time you open the doors. That way, getting dressed each morning will be a delight and not a chore.

For all you Denver/Boulder locals who may be in need of some organization help, Marissa is offering all My Boring Closet readers a special deal on her services! Mention this post and get two hours for the price of one – $50 off! Head to her website to learn more and to set up an appointment. I promise you will absolutely adore her!

Here are a couple snapshots of our closet as it is now:

The hats, purses, and hooks for scarves and necklaces on the wall The hats, purses, and hooks for scarves and necklaces on the wall

The corner that separates my side from Patrick's. Note the bins for my flats and sandals, and bins for Patrick's socks. Plus, the way the clothes are organized by category. The corner that separates my side from Patrick’s. Note the bins for my flats and sandals, and bins for Patrick’s socks. Plus, the way the clothes are organized by category.

I love the hanging rack for sweaters so they don't get stretched out on the hanger! I love the hanging rack for sweaters so they don’t get stretched out on the hanger!

That’s all for now, guys! Happy weekend!

xo Lacey

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