My Boring Travels: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This Christmas, my family and I decided to say “no, thanks” to the snow in Denver and took off to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a week. We had such an incredible trip, I thought I would share with you some of our favorite activities.

First of all, Cabo is ridiculously easy to get to from Denver (and probably most major cities). We got a direct flight from Denver on Southwest, and it took just about 3 hours. Cabo is in the same time zone as Denver, so that made it extra easy!

We booked a house in Pedregal through Airbnb, and it was beautiful. The reason we chose a house over a resort was simply that we had enough people that we would have needed two rooms, so we thought the house rental was cheaper. I liked that we rented a car, because it gave us the freedom to go to the store when we needed and drive up the coast a bit to Todos Santos for a day, but I would advise booking your rental car early, and going through a local independent company rather than the big brand name ones, as they can get very pricey.

Our first day, we had brunch reservations at Flora Farms, a ten-acre organic farm in the foothills of Sierra de la Laguna Mountains. It was gorgeous, and the food was incredible. They have a farm, little cottages that kind of like timeshares, a restaurant, market, bar, and a little spa and shopping area. Super cute. There is also a little Flora Farms market in another location near Pedregal, where we stayed, that has fresh produce, baked goods, eggs, meats, and a little bar. We went there several times for produce and fresh bread.

We loved the amazing food and experience at Flora Farms, but the next day we went on a whale watching trip, which was absolutely the highlight of our vacation! We booked through Whale Watch Cabo, and had a great experience. Our guide was an oceanographer named Paola, and she and the captain both were whale experts. They answered all of our questions, gave us a little tour of Cabo, and were so good at spotting the whales and other sea animals.

According to our guides, the whale season is from December to April (approximately), when the whales migrate south to mate or give birth to their calves before heading back up north to feed. Humback whales are the most common, but our guide said that she has also seen Orcas. 

I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful these creatures are and how unbelievable this experience was. We went out expecting to see nothing, and ended up seeing at least 6 whales. At first we just saw them surfacing for air, but then we got to see several of them breaching, jumping out of the water, an act that is though to be the whales playing. It’s a pure expression of joy. It was so beautiful.

Later in the week, we took a sunset boat cruise on La Princesa. We had such a fun crew, got a great tour of Cabo, saw a breathtaking sunset, and just had an amazing time (until I got a little seasick…)

On Christmas Day, we made reservations at Pitahayas Restaurant at the Sheraton. It was one of the best meals I have ever had in my life and the most stunning view! We ordered many of the things our waiter recommended (and I got through the entire meal only speaking Spanish! So proud!), and it was all fantastic. My mom and I both ordered the catch of the day, because we were trying to get as much fresh seafood as we could on this trip, and it was to die for.

The rest of the week, we ate at local spots recommended to us by the people we met. One of my favorites was called Mi Casa, and the tortillas were amazing. We didn’t have a single bad meal while we were there!

Lastly, the beaches we went to were the private peach in Pedregal, Chilleno Bay, where we could snorkel (we bought snorkel equipment at Wal-Mart…yes, there is a Wal-Mart in Cabo), and Playa de Santa Maria, which was kind of cold the day we went, and very pebbly sand. We also picked up some fun souvenirs at Artesano’s. It was a cool space…basically a huge warehouse full of handmade goods for your home. I definitely recommend if you’re looking for a unique piece to take home!

Thankfully, I was well dressed for the beach thanks to my all-time favorite, Mika Yoga Wear! They’re doing a sale right now, but I think it only lasts until midnight on the 7th so you better hurry!

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If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or on Instagram!

xo Lacey

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6 thoughts on “My Boring Travels: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

  1. the cape on the corner

    we went to cabo in september, and it was so hot and humid, but still beautiful. pedregal looked like a gorgeous area, and i am so jealous of the whale activity. i would go back solely for this reason. it looks like you got to go to lovers beach-we tried for days, but the water was too choppy and they weren’t letting people off. finally on our second to last day we could go, and it was just a neat experience.

    1. Lacey Spruce

      You should definitely try to go back during whale season. It might be my favorite activity I have ever done on any vacation! And it was very affordable. I think we each paid around $70 or something like that! Lovers Beach was gorgeous, but we didn’t actually go to it! Next time I want to. This trip we just went by it on the boat. If you get a chance to go back I definitely recommend the winter months! Such a great escape and not too hot or humid! 🙂


  2. Audrey Adair

    Cabo looks like such a fun place to visit! Absolutely loved seeing all of your pictures on IG and Snapchats. I love hotel life but with a big group, it’s so much more fun to stay at a house – especially during the holidays. Have every idea this is a Christmas you and your family will always remember. Have a wonderful weekend! xx

    Audrey Adair |


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