Custom Lip Color From Makeup Meltdown

My name is Lacey and I’m a lipstick addict. I have a whole bathroom drawer devoted to it. At any given time, my purse contains at least 4 different lipsticks. I have every shade, finish, texture imaginable. I feel naked without a little color on my lips! But my very own custom shade of lipstick? Well, that’s just a dream come true! 

I was so stoked when Aleah Rae, creator of Makeup Meltdown, asked me if I would like to try my very own custom designed lipstick. The concept sounded so fun to me and so simple!

The first step is that the lipstick geniuses over at Makeup Meltdown send you a color analysis questionnaire. This questionnaire helps them determine the kind of shade you’re looking for as well as how much coverage and what kind of finish. They will also ask you for a couple of photos to help them decide when shades will work best with your skin tone. Then, based on your responses, you’ll get three lipstick samples to try out at home!

Then, you email the team back with your choice and you get to choose the design of your tube! Before you know it, your perfect shade is in your mailbox.

I am absolutely obsessed with mine, and I thought you all would like to try it too, so I have partnered with Makeup Meltdown to give away a custom color lippie to one lucky winner! Head over to my Instagram page tonight for the giveaway announcement!

Thank you to Brandon Hill for the photos!

*CC Lippie provided c/o Makeup Meltdown. As always, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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