Non-Ugly Warm Winter Coats


1. Michael Kors hooded faux fur trim puffer

2. J. Crew stadium cloth boulevard trench

3. DKNY faux fur trim hooded puffer

4. J. Crew double cloth lady day coat with Thinsulate

5. Nine West wool blend belted trench coat

6. Style&co military car coat

7. J. Crew wintress puffer

8. Soia & Kyo Alyssa black trench coat

I grew up in Florida, spent one year in Pennsylvania (where a gigantic puffy coat saved my life!), then spent 5 years in SoCal. So, I’ve never really had a need for a winter coat. Now that I live in Denver, I’m seriously scared for what this winter will bring. In LA, a thin trench and a faux leather bomber had me pretty much set. So, when I searched “warmest winter coats for women,” I found some very frightening marshmallow/sleeping bag/jabba the hut type garments. So, I reached out to my Facebook friends and got some great advice! The above coats came from suggestions from my friends and a few that I found. If all else fails do what my friend Tait said to do: “give up and buy¬†this.” Stay warm and non-ugly, my friends.

p.s. here’s what you’ll find if you search for “warmest winter coats for women.” hehe

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4 thoughts on “Non-Ugly Warm Winter Coats

  1. Rachael R

    I have use for a winter coat about 2 months out of the year. Those are some cute suggestions. I can’t look at some a puffy costs without thinking of the murderer from urban legends haha.
    Love your blog Lacey!


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