What's in my shopping cart? Here are the top items I'm eyeing right now for spring 2017!

What’s In My Shopping Cart? Week of April 21

Today I’m starting a new series where I share with you what items are in my virtual shopping cart. I don’t know about you, but I have this habit of online shopping and putting everything in my cart, then closing out all the windows and not buying anything. Anyone else?? So, here are all the things I’m currently eyeing for…

These five organization tips have been such a lifesaver for me since I started my own business. Learn how you can finally get and stay organized and increase your productivity!

Five Proven Organization Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Organization. Not my strong suit. I’ve never really been very organized, and it’s¬†something I actively work¬†on in order to be successful in business (and stay on top of my personal life too!) So, I’ve tried all sorts of apps and planning tools, schedulers – you name it! But, I always found myself giving up after a couple weeks of using…

Confidence tips to help you stop comparing yourself to others

Confidence Tips: How To Stop The Comparison Game

When I wrote my post about blogging tips a couple weeks ago, one important theme stood out in all of the answers I received: don’t fall into the comparison trap. This is great advice for everyone (not just bloggers), and is 100% guaranteed to make you happier. The problem is that this is SO HARD to actually put into practice….